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Who is behind the project?

We are Rita and Ana, two friends who love to travel and create. We give life to a project with which we identify and thus contribute to a fairer world, supporting local businesses and the "slow-fashion" movement. To find out more about us and how this project started, go to the page About us.


Where do Anahí clothes come from?

All of our fabrics come from recycled saris from the Rajasthan desert, from a small family business we met in 2018 on one of our trips. We work directly with a local family. In 2020, we also started produce in Portugal, with a seamstress who lives in a village near Ericeira.


How to wash an Anahí piece?

We advise you to always wash them by hand and with cold water and natural soap. Washing clothes is one of the most important steps for the durability of the clothes.


Is it all one size? What if it doesn't fit me?

Almost all of our clothes are one size fits all as S-L, there are some models that go up to XL. If the piece you buy doesn't suit you or you don't like to see it and you still want to keep your purchase, we can always adjust it to your size.


If I don't like it, can I return/exchange it?

Yes of course. If you buy an Anahí piece and for some reason, you want to exchange or return, you have 14 days from the moment it arrives at your home to send it back. Shipping costs are paid by the customer, more information about Shipping & Returns.


How can I get in touch?

You can contact us through our email, our Instagram, or directly by chat. You can also get in touch by the page Contact.

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