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about us

The Anahí brand is a tale of beauty, culture, and sustainability that originated in India, where the enchantment of recycled Indian saris transforms into fashio and established in 2017 in Portugal.

At the heart of our brand lies a profound commitment to sustainability and the preservation of India's rich textile heritage. The materials used are, in fact, recycled Indian saris, reimagined and reinvented to craft unique fashion pieces. This process not only respects the environment but also pays homage to India's history and art.

Anahí represents a true fusion of cultures and traditions, with production occurring in both India and Portugal. This cross-cultural collaboration results in a diverse range of clothing and accessories that blend the essence of the East and the West.

The brand's origins in street markets have evolved into a global presence, with markets held across Portugal, as well as festivals throughout Portugal. This approach enables Anahí to maintain its family-oriented essence, fostering direct contact with customers and sharing its philosophy of upcycling and sustainability.

Anahí's philosophy is a tribute to family, the environment, and creativity. The brand firmly believes that fashion can be beautiful, conscious, and responsible. Each piece serves as an expression of our love for sustainable fashion and the planet.

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